About C-Box

The World's Ultimate Tool Management

There is nothing more frustrating for mechanics than looking for a tool they know they have, but after looking through every drawer in their toolbox, they realize they don't have it.

With C-Box, mechanics can see all of their tools, even a small 1/4 drive bit. If anything is missing at the end of the work day, that is the time to find it. When seeing what tool is missing, it might come to mind where it was left, if it hasn't flown, driven, or walked off!

C-Box has been years in development. To start with, the designers had to determine what size boxes would hold the most appropriate tools. The tool holders were then designed to fit the box, and numerous tools were acquired from various manufacturers, to design each tool holder to ensure it was compatible, as tool sizes can vary considerably between different tool makers.

All of the components for the tool box are made from 304 Stainless Steel: shelves, hinges, handles, protective cover plates, etc. With the powder coat finish and stainless steel, the box is suitable for any situation or location.